The Veteran

The Veteran

The Veteran

I came in to see 👀
After hearing the name twice 🎁
Then I stopped and noticed
Your eyes and your frames nice👁️

I own businesses🏗️
From Nebraska
To Chaska🌬️
And guaranteed to make a fabulous breakfast 🥞
The morning after🌅

I'm a Veteran 🪖
Salt and Pepper ♏
With pink lips
And from my tours overseas🗺️
I'm handy with the clips

Now hear this
I can do it better🥂
I probably can get you wetter 🛀
No drama🚫
And No vendettas🚫
Just Roses🌷
And Letters 💌

But I'm not pressing
Just take a chance
And you will see
If happier can be manifested🫂
By choosing me

Poetry at Optimismic Wigs and Gifts Tacandrya Patterson 2021

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