Twenty Twenty Three

Twenty Twenty Three

Twenty twenty three

Soldiering on in discipline mode,

The ice is slippery,
The weather is cold,

The heat in the hot bath,
And a humble laugh,
At the aftermath,

He who is last shall be first,
The meek shall inherit the earth,
Solace and explanations,
Reading Psalms and Revelations,

It's Twenty twenty three
Being disciplined is nothing new to me,
I'm only staying close,
To what's true to me,

2022 Lesson
They can't look you in your face,
Cause they were never running your same race,
In the first place,

Give them space,

You'll never forget
How to write poetry
Even if you dont use it,
It's a gift from God,
You'll never lose it.

Tacandrya Patterson 2023

2023 Optimismic Wigs and Gifts Poetry Sessions

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