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Blonde Bangs at OptimismIC Wigs and Gifts

To Bang or Not to Bang, that is the Question! Blonde Ponytail Bangs and Everythang at Optimismic Wigs and Gifts! These marvelous headband Bangs come in many varieties and styles. Dress up any look with a touch of glamour. Make every occasion an unforgettable affair with an exquisite range of elegant and stylish headband Bangs. Whether you choose to add a subtle hint of glamour or make a bold statement, these Blonde Ponytail Bangs from Optimismic Wigs and Gifts will instantly transport your look to a world of luxury and taste. Each style is designed to make every affair an unforgettable experience.

Bangs Benefits

5 Minute Styling

Wear and Go

Pre-styled and Pre-colored

Glue less for easy wear.

Bangs Product Details 

Hair Wig Color: Blonde

Hair Wig Coverage: Bangs Clip on

Hair Wig Fiber: Synthetic 

Heat Resistant: Yes

Hair Pattern: Straight Bangs

Hair Length: 4 Inches

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